The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (2022)

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (1)

If you’re a single woman searching for a great city to live in, you want to find a city that meets all of your expectations. Above all, it should be a city that has opportunities for your career. It also should have a reasonable cost of living. Of course, you should feel safe in your new hometown. If you’re looking to make new friends or find the love of your life, you’ll want to live in a town with a lot of other singles. You’ll want to consider the activities available in your new hometown that match your personality. Are you a big city person or a small city person? Do you love the outdoors? Do you love sports? Are you interested in good restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, music, or the arts?

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (2)

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20. Providence, Rhode Island

With a median age of 32 years old and more than half the population single, Providence, Rhode Island has many opportunities for a single woman. The average monthly rent on an apartment is less than $1,000. Boston and New York City are not too far from Providence. Within the city the cost of living is relatively low. The economy is good with most jobs in the healthcare field, textiles and jewelry manufacturing and in education, there is plenty of opportunity for a career. There are seven universities and colleges in Providence including Brown University. In fact there is a district known as the “Knowledge District”. Providence has several pars, historic buildings and three rivers.

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19. Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida is a great place for a single woman to live. The state capital of Florida is a medium sized city with a relatively low cost of living. More than half the population is single. Located close to the Gulf coast, there is much to do in Tallahassee and nearby. The city sponsors several festivals throughout the year. These include an annual Wine and Food Festival, First Fridays at Railroad Square and Winter and Spring festivals. For nighttime fun, there are several cocktail bars, breweries and dance clubs in Tallahassee.

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The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (4)

18. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado is a hot spot for young singles. While the cost of living is high, the average income is nearly $65,000. There are jobs in health care, education, publishing, manufacturing and technology. Located at the base of the scenic Rocky Mountains, Boulder is a haven for outdoor sports and recreation. The city is just 25 miles from the larger city of Denver. Boulder has a lot of things to do in itself and is rated high for arts, health, education and quality of life. There are plenty of coffee houses, bars and breweries and clubs for a single woman to meet friends and find a partner.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (5)

17. Tampa, Florida

About a half of Tampa, Florida’s population is single. The tourist spot on the gulf coast of Florida may have a high cost of living, but there are plenty of career opportunities for single women. The economy centers on tourism, healthcare, finance, insurance, technology and maritime activities. Several restaurant chains are headquartered in Tampa including Outback Steakhouse, Carrabbas, The Melting Pot, Fleming’s Steakhouse and Bonefish Grill. Recently, Tampa has developed its urban residential area. Nightlife is active especially downtown in areas including SoHo, Channelside, Ybor City and International Plaza Seminole Hard Rock. With parks, beaches and the bay, there is plenty of recreation in Tampa. In 2018 Tampa Bay was named one of the hottest real estate markets.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (6)

16. Las Vegas, Nevada

Although you might think of Las Vegas as a rowdy, tourist city, it’s actually a good place to live as a single woman. Of course the cost of living is high, but there are also many opportunities for a lucrative career, and the city has a large single population, so it’s a great place to meet new friends and maybe find a partner. Company headquaraters located in Las Vegas include Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, MGM Resorts and Bally Technologies as well as Nevada Power Company, National University, Allegiant Air, Zappos and AMERICO. If you’re not working in the hospitality and tourist field, there are many other opportunities. Las Vegas is the biggest city in Nevada and the financial commercial and cultural center of the state. There are plenty of opportunities for a single woman in Las Vegas. Of course there are a lot of places to socialize, but the residents know the best places.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (7)

15. Springfield, Massachusetts

The city of Springfield, Massachusetts offers single women great career opportunities, a great location and plenty of opportunities to socialize. The city is located on the banks of the Connecticut River. It is not far from Boston and New York City, so it is a nice location if you want to visit the larger cities. Springfield has had steady growth and currently has a population of about 153,000 with more than half single. The economy of Springfield is considered mature and therefore steady. Good career opportunities can be found in education, healthcare, trade and transportation, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality. Springfield has an exciting nightlife in the “Club Quarter” that is home to many clubs and music venues.

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14. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin has everything a single mid western woman needs including job opportunities, social opportunities and outdoor activities year round. Madison is known to be the home of highly educated people. There are job opportunities in education, healthcare, biotech and advertising. Major companies in Madison include Spectrum, Alliant Energy and American Family Insurance. Rent in the city is reasonable averaging about $1,000 a month. Located amid four lakes, residents of the city enjoy winter iceboating, ice skating, hockey, ice fishing and skiing. Many trails are great for biking and hiking. Downtown Madison has several farm to table restaurants, bars and performance venues. There is a farmers’ market on Capital Square. The city hosts festivals including the Miffliin Street Block Party and Freekfest Halloween Party.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (9)

13. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona, known as a “desert oasis” has a large, young, single population and low cost of living. The median household income is $56,169 and rent can range from about $600 to $1,000 a month. Tucson’s economy flourishes mainly because of the University of Arizona, Davis-Monthan Air Base, Texas Instruments, IBM and Intuit. Also, Tucson is sometimes called “Optics Valley” because companies manufacture optics and opto-electronics. Tucson has fun activities for singles including NCAA sports, parks, swimming, hiking, camping, biking and fishing. Tucson has an annual rodeo, a Folk Festival, the Fourth Avenue Street Fair and the Meet Yourself Festival.

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12. Lincoln, Nebraska

Middle America is a great place for a single woman to call home. Many cities are known for their safety and lower cost of living. Lincoln, Nebraska is one of the best. Home to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln is really a large college town. It’s neighborhoods consist of old and newer development with a growing population downtown. Along with its college basketball and football teams, Lincoln has a great concert venue at Pinnacle Bank Arena, a farmers’ market at Haymarket, and several parks and recreational areas. Career opportunities include education, healthcare, IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, finance, insurance and publishing. Also, the average monthly rent in Lincoln is just about $700.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (11)

11. Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas has a high cost of living but also good career opportunities and social life opportunities. The city has a large single population. There are several universities and colleges, Information Technology companies, telecommunication and transportation companies as well as being the headquarters of Exxon and American Airlines. Dallas is home to a diverse community including. Sports enthusiasts enjoy cheering on the home teams of the NFL’s Cowboys and the NBA’s Mavericks. Cedars is the city’s south Dallas art district where much of the nighttime entertainment can be found including the popular NYLO rooftop patio and lounge as well as art museums.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (12)

10. Denver, Colorado

Denver makes it into the top 10 cities for single women to live in the U.S. Although the city of about 730,000 people has a high cost of living, it also has many job opportunities and average income of $75,646. The average age of Denver residents is about 34 years old. More than half of the population is single. This is due in part to students and young professionals. The city is headquarters to companies including MapQuest, Quest Communications and Newmount Mining Company. There are several mining and energy companies, telecommunication companies and start up companies that call Denver home. The city is breathtakingly scenic. You can enjoy outdoor activities, sports, festivals, concerts, theaters and nightclubs, bars, concerts and stand up comedy.


The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (13)

9. Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah is the state’s capital and largest city. It has great career opportunities, outdoor activities and cultural events. The city of over 1 million also has a large unmarried population. The average age of Salt Lake City residents is 32 years old.The city’s eastern neighborhoods are filled with young professionals, students and young families and is a great place for a single woman to live. Salt Lake City is known as the “Crossroads of the West” with the western United States’ railroads crossing there. The city has steel mills, mines and oil refineries. It also is the headquarters of several corporations including Fortune 500 companies Zons Bancorporation and Questar Corporation. It is a major convention center location and has many hospitality job opportunities. Salt Lake City is a nice place to live with popular outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding and cycling. The city is known for its Church of Latter Day Saints presence but is also a diverse community with a large LBGTQ population.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (14)

8. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is best known as the “Gateway to the West” with its famous arch. The city is also known for its single population. The median age is 35 with more than half the population single. The city’s cost of living is not very high with an average apartment renting for about $800 a month. Single women have plenty of career opportunities in St. Louis as well as social opportunities in this safe city. The second largest city in Missouri, St. Louis lays along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals and NHL’s St. Louis Blues offer fun opportunities to enjoy a day or evening at a sports venue. St. Louis has many parks to enjoy. Some companies that are in St. Louis include Edward Jones Investments, Mastercard, Pfizer, Anheuser-Busch and Boeing. There are also several biotech companies in and in neighboring suburbs.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (15)

7. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida has a large population but much of it is young and single. Known mostly for Walt Disney World, the amusement parks employ many of Orlando’s single residents, but there are also career opportunities for those in industry, technology, hospitality, engineering and research. Orlando is home to the Central Florida Research Park. Sports enthusiasts enjoy the NBA’s Orlando Magic. The music scene is diverse, and there are plenty of opportunities for nightlife with shopping, dining and clubbing. Orlando is home to the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. The city is known as “Hollywood East” because it is home to movie and recording studios which provide jobs to the city’s single residents.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (16)

6. Charlotte, North Carolina

Nearly half of Charlotte, North Carolina’s population is single. The city has had a surge in population but remains relatively low cost to live in. Charlotte offers many career opportunities, has great sports teams and a fun social vibe. Businesses with headquarters in Charlotte include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Truist Financial, Honeywell, Credit Karma and Lowes. Charlotte is home to the University of North Carolina and sports teams including NFL’s Panthers and NBA’s Hornets. The city is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Divided into neighborhoods, there are several popular with young singles. Charlotte has many restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, bars, pubs and nightclubs.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (17)

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5. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington has everything a single woman wants. It’s a great place for a career and has been named the best place for businesses and careers by Forbes Magazine. It has outdoor activities, cultural attractions and sport. Companies located in Seattle include Amazon, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Seattle’s Best Coffee, T-Mobile, Expidia, Inc. and Nintendo America. The city that gave us grunge music has plenty of venues for those interested in the music scene. Nearly half of the population is single. Located on the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest residents and visitors enjoy water activities including sailing and kayaking as well as hiking and skiing. Known as the “coffee capital of the world”, Seattle has plenty of coffee shops to meet up with friends or enjoy a first date.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (18)

4. Atlanta, Georgia

Falling within the top 5 places to live in the U.S. as a single woman is Atlanta Georgia. For those interested in living in a big city, Atlanta has plenty of opportunities. While the cost of living is high, the city is filled with career opportunities and with a youthful population. Atlanta is headquarters to The Coca Cola, Company, The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, Turner Broadcasting, AT & T and UPS. Sports fans enjoy the MLB Atlanta Braves and NFL Falcons. The city has several cultural attractions including opera, ballet and theater. There are parks to enjoy by day and clubs to enjoy by night.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (19)

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts offers many opportunities for a single woman. As with any big city in the U.S., the cost of living in Boston is high. Rent alone can be more than $1,500 a month. However, there are many opportunities to have a successful career. Major companies in Boston include General Electric, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Mutual, Gillette, Wayfair, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Co. Dell, Verizon Communications and Johnson & Johnson. Boston is home to several universities including MIT, Harvard, Boston College, Northeastern University and Boston University, so education is a good field to be in. The city also has many career opportunities in healthcare. Historic Boston located on the Atlantic Coast and the beautiful Charles River has many distinct neighborhoods that combine old colonial architecture with modern buildings. The city has amazing parks including Boston Commons which is the oldest public park in the United States. Boston is active night and day with shopping, dining, clubs, museums and more. It is also the home of the Red Sox who play at Fenway Park and the Boston Marathon.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (20)

2. Chicago, Illinois

If you’re a single woman who wants to enjoy big city life but maybe not that of a city like Manhattan, Chicago may be for you. Chicago is like a smaller, mid western version of NYC. Of course the cost of living is high, but the job market is great. There are also several neighborhoods perfect for a single woman to live including The Loop, Printers Row, River North, Old Town and West Town. Many major companies are located in Chicago that offer great careers in education, government, technology, manufacturing, hospitality and more. Some of the major corporations in Chicago are Boeing, United, AON, CNA, Braintree, Echo Global Logistics, Morningstar, Grubhub and Slalom. Chicago has some of the best shopping, dining and nightlife in the country. Lake Michigan offers plenty of opportunities for water sports. There also parks and trails.

The 20 Best Cities to Live in For Single Women in the U.S. (21)

1. Washington DC

Washington DC is the best city in the United States for a single woman to live. While its not the best place to live with the high cost of living, you can earn a good salary working in Washington DC. You can also find affordable, great places to live as a single woman in DC’s suburbs. As far as a career is concerned, DC has plenty of opportunities to work in government and law. There are also many retail and hospitality positions. Major companies in DC include Fannie Mae, Capital One, Amtrak, Lockheed Martin, FTI Consulting and Marriott Corporation. For a single woman living in DC, there are plenty of parks to enjoy as well as visits to government buildings or the Smithsonian Museums. Whether in DC or its Maryland or Virginia suburbs, there is plenty to do including recreation, shopping, live performances, restaurants, rooftop bars, clubs and lounges.

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What is the best city for a single woman to live in? ›

Best Cities for Singles
Overall RankCityDating Opportunities
1Madison, WI2
2Seattle, WA4
3Portland, OR14
4Denver, CO5
65 more rows
29 Nov 2021

What state is best for single women? ›

Best & Worst States for Singles
Overall RankStateTotal Score
2New York66.57
46 more rows
31 Jan 2022

What is the safest place for a single woman to live? ›

Thousand Oaks in California is the safest place for a woman to live in America. This city has a crime rate of 11.1% which is pretty low as compared to the national average. Stamford, CT, and Cambridge, MA are some other cities that are considered to be the safest for women to live in America.

Where is it best to live as a woman? ›

Here are the Best Countries for Women in 2022
  • Sweden.
  • Norway.
  • Finland.
  • Denmark.
  • Switzerland.
  • Canada.

Where is the most laid back place to live? ›

City Rankings
OVERALL RANKCityPhysical Health Rank
1Sunnyvale, CA1
2Arlington, VA6
3San Francisco, CA21
4Bellevue, WA2
42 more rows
20 Apr 2021

What state is safest for women? ›

For Women's History Month, WalletHub identified the best and worst states for women in 2022. Factors included median earnings, depression rate, the number of women-owned businesses, and more. Massachusetts is the best state for women, while Oklahoma is the worst, according to the study.

Where do you move when you're alone? ›

Utah came out on top for the demographic, followed by Idaho, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Colorado, and New Jersey — followed by a three-way tie for eighth place between Illinois, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. To learn more about the best states for living alone, check out the full solo living index.

Which state is more safe for women? ›

S.NoState/UTRate of Total Crime against Women (2018)
1Andhra Pradesh63.2
2Arunachal Pradesh51.1
34 more rows

Which city is safest for woman? ›

Which are the safest cities for women in India to stay in ? Cities like Coimbatore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Bangalore are some of the safest cities for women in India to stay in.

What is the number 1 safest place to live? ›

Safest Cities in the U.S.
Overall Rank*CityTotal Score
1Columbia, MD85.99
2Nashua, NH84.44
3Laredo, TX83.96
4Portland, ME83.49
65 more rows
10 Oct 2022

Which city is safest in the world for females? ›

Travel insurance website InsureMyTrip has named Madinah (Medina in English) in Saudi Arabia as the world's safest city for solo female travellers to visit.

Which state is best for singles? ›

2022's Best & Worst States for Singles – WalletHub Study
Best States for SinglesWorst States for Singles
1. California41. South Carolina
2. New York42. Idaho
3. Florida43. Alaska
4. Texas44. Alabama
6 more rows
31 Jan 2022

What city has the best females? ›

Top 15 Cities With The Most Gorgeous Women In The World
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Milan, Italy.
  • Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Miami & Los Angeles, United States.
  • Montreal, Canada.
  • Moscow, Russia.
2 Sept 2014

What is the safest city for solo female Travellers? ›

The Best Cities for Solo Female Travelers
RankCityOverall Safety
31 more rows
9 Feb 2022

Which US city has the best quality of life? ›

The U.S. Cities With The Highest Quality of Life 2022
  • San Diego, California.
  • Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Portland, Maine.
  • Reno, Nevada.
  • Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Trenton, New Jersey.
10 Aug 2022

What is the number 1 place to live in the US? ›

Atlanta, Georgia is the best place to live in the U.S. in 2022 because of its booming jobs market and eye on equality.

Where is the most peaceful place to live in USA? ›

Lewisboro, New York

Just 50 miles from New York City but a world apart otherwise; the crime rate in this tiny town is zero. Besides, it also has seven natural preserves and parks as well as numerous ponds and trails that act as an attraction to the tourists.

Where are women most respected? ›

The Netherlands was ranked the best country in the world for women, according to a new report recently published by the CEOWORLD magazine. Norway and Sweden follow up in second and third place, respectively. Denmark ranks 4th.
The World's Best Countries For Women, 2021.
140 more rows
11 Jun 2021

What is the best part of living alone? ›

Living alone gives you the opportunity to explore your true self and develop a sense of being comfortable in your own skin. This might be the simple act of being comfortable in your own company. Or being able to spot what triggers negative feelings and (most importantly) what you can do to counteract them.

How do I start living happy alone? ›

Short-term tips to get you started
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. ...
  2. Take a step back from social media. ...
  3. Take a phone break. ...
  4. Carve out time to let your mind wander. ...
  5. Take yourself on a date. ...
  6. Get physical. ...
  7. Spend time with nature. ...
  8. Lean into the perks of being alone.
23 Aug 2019

How can I survive alone in USA? ›

Here are some pointers to help you embrace your newfound solitude and find fulfillment in living solo.
  1. Get to know yourself better. ...
  2. Strengthen your relationships. ...
  3. Identify when you feel most lonely. ...
  4. Consider a pet. ...
  5. Connect with your community. ...
  6. Add some structure. ...
  7. Try new things. ...
  8. Create your ideal space.
30 Jun 2020

What is the safest state to love in? ›

The Top 10 Safest States in America - 2022
  • We based our ranking on the 3 following criteria: the violent-crime rate, the property crime rate, and the total crime rate (the sum of both property and violent-crime rates). ...
  • The state of Maine is ranked first on our list of the safest states in America.
24 Aug 2022

Where is it safe to travel alone as a woman? ›

Austria scored the highest for the percentage of women who feel safe walking alone at night — 79%. Norway came in third place with an overall safety score of 7.45/10, and received positive scores for the safety of women walking alone at night, its laws on domestic violence, and its female homicide rate.

What is the safest city in the world 2022? ›

What is the number 1 safest city in the world? Copenhagen is considered to be the safest place according to the index.

Where is the cheapest and safest place to live in USA? ›

Augusta, a small city near Georgia's border with South Carolina, is one of the cheapest and safest places to live in the USA. It has a low crime rate and a low cost of living, making it perfect for those looking to live comfortably and save money.

What US city has the lowest crime rate? ›

Cities are ranked in order of annual crime rate per 1,000 residents.
  • Glens Falls, NY. Population: 14,722. ...
  • Ridgefield, CT. Population: 25,011. ...
  • Midland, MI. Population: 83,445. ...
  • Port St. Lucie, FL. ...
  • McKinney, TX. Population: 202,690. ...
  • Frisco, TX. Population: 210,719. ...
  • Sunnyvale, CA. Population: 152,258. ...
  • Portland, ME. Population: 68,313.
19 Sept 2022

What is the safest small town in America? ›

Safest Small Cities in America
2Broadview HeightsOH
3Berkeley HeightsNJ
62 more rows

Where is the safest place to travel alone? ›

Here is our list of the safest countries around the world for solo travellers to visit.
The Safest Destinations for Solo Travellers
  • Iceland. ...
  • New Zealand. ...
  • Portugal. ...
  • Austria. ...
  • Denmark. ...
  • Canada. ...
  • Singapore. ...
  • Slovenia.
19 Aug 2019

What is the best city to find love? ›

A city-by-city breakdown of America's 25 true cities of love
RankCityTotal score (0-100)
1St. Louis, MO80.5
2Minneapolis, MN79.8
3Boston, MA73.6
4Pittsburgh, PA71.5
21 more rows
25 Oct 2022

What is the best part to be single? ›

Being single frees up your schedule and your mind, creating space to figure out who you want to be and ways to achieve that. There's nobody else around you demanding your attention, so get out there and become that person. Attached people have a tendency to live in relationship bubbles.

What city has the most single adults? ›

Most to Least Single in Large Cities
RankMetro% single
1San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA44.7%
2Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn, MI44.0%
3New York-White Plains-Wayne, NY-NJ39.8%
4Boston-Quincy, MA39.2%
96 more rows

What city in US has the most beautiful woman? ›

Using this system, Clover analyzed its data to see which cities and states had the most and least attractive users. Connecticut tops the chart as the state with the most beautiful women while Manhattan, NY is the number one city.

What city has the most beautiful people? ›

The Thai city, Bangkok has earned its name as home to some of the most beautiful people on Earth, producing seven international pageant winners.

What state has the most attractive people? ›

Summary of the Most Attractive States
RankStateStd Cases
1New Jersey527
46 more rows
27 Jul 2020

How do you protect yourself as a woman traveling alone? ›

8 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travel
  1. Use taxis and rideshares safely. ...
  2. Be alert when drinking and dating. ...
  3. Look like you know where you're going. ...
  4. Leave the Rolex at home. ...
  5. Use (and hide) your phone strategically. ...
  6. Dress appropriately for the culture. ...
  7. Buy a local SIM card to avoid high roaming costs.
20 Mar 2022

Why you should travel alone as a woman? ›

Solo female travel is one of the most freeing experiences. To venture out on the road alone takes confidence and courage. Travelling alone means travelling for yourself the way you want, which can be liberating and boost your confidence.

Where should I live if I want to be alone? ›

Utah came out on top for the demographic, followed by Idaho, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Colorado, and New Jersey — followed by a three-way tie for eighth place between Illinois, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. To learn more about the best states for living alone, check out the full solo living index.

In which city is best to live alone? ›

Top 30 Cities Where Renters Can Afford to Live Alone
RankCityAvg. Monthly Rent1
1Minneapolis, MN$1,130
2Omaha, NE$837
3Cincinnati, OH$895
4St. Paul, MN$1,018
6 more rows
21 Jun 2022

Which age is best to live alone? ›

Maturity is important to live alone but from 25 years to 29, a child should leave the parent's house. This will allow them a level of independence required to make tangible decisions about life. It can be when they are 25, 27 or 29.

How do you move to a new place with no friends? ›

"Volunteer, join a board, host a fundraiser," advises Wright. "Host something for your new neighbors, or at least say 'Hi' in the hallway. Once you're more established, host a monthly potluck, gather at a restaurant, and ask your friends to bring somebody new into your group each month.

Where is the safest place to live alone? ›

The safest and most dangerous states to live alone
3New Mexico
6 more rows
29 Apr 2019

Where is the best place to live a simple life? ›

Best Places To Live A Simple Life
  • Montpelier, VT.
  • San Marcos, TX.
  • Greenville, SC.
  • Canandaigua, NY.
  • Port Townsend, WA.
  • Logan, UT.
  • Ames, IA.
  • McMinnville, OR.
4 Jul 2022

What is the easiest city to live in? ›

Most livable: America's 50 best cities to live in
  • Bend, Oregon.
  • Nashua, New Hampshire. ...
  • Springdale, Arkansas. > Population: 81,799. ...
  • South Jordan, Utah. > Population: 69,034. ...
  • Orem, Utah. > Population: 97,508. ...
  • Appleton, Wisconsin. > Population: 75,465. ...
  • Layton, Utah. > Population: 75,658. ...
  • New Rochelle, New York. > Population: 79,558. ...
13 Oct 2017

Where can you travel alone as a woman? ›

Here are the top 10 safest places for women to travel alone.
  • Finland. Land of the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, Finland is the ideal destination for nature lovers. ...
  • Canada. ...
  • New Zealand. ...
  • Uruguay. ...
  • Switzerland. ...
  • Belgium. ...
  • Austria. ...
  • Iceland.

Which state is the safest for girls? ›

S.NoState/UTRank Based on Incidence / % share (2016)
1Andhra Pradesh8
2Arunachal Pradesh27
34 more rows

What is the top 10 safest city in the world? ›

Safest Cities in the World in 2022 – Updated
  • Copenhagen.
  • Toronto.
  • Singapore.
  • Sydney.
  • Tokyo.
  • Amsterdam.
  • Wellington.
4 days ago


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