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ScoutSA is a program of the Office of Historic Preservation that explores, discovers, and celebrates the places, people, and traditions that make San Antonio unique. The ScoutSA program includes the City of San Antonio’s historic resource survey and designation initiative, an ongoing project that inventories potential landmarks and districts.

ScoutSAis dedicated to making historic designation as transparent and accessible for the community as possible.Providing stakeholders with education and resources for historic designation creates economicgrowth, cultural stability, and environmental stability.The following toolkit provides readers with further insight into the process of designating ahistoricalsite. This toolkit is createdunder theguidance ofScoutSA’spurpose:

  • Preserve the authenticity of San Antonio’s diverse neighborhoods

  • Plan for the futureand identify resources that may someday be eligible for landmark designation

  • Engage the public

  • Promote thebenefit’sof San Antonio’s intangible and tangible heritage

  • Build awareness of the economic opportunities and positive impact of historic reservation

  • Provide resources that encourage development while protecting our resources

  • Connect people to the places that make San Antonio unique

District preservation protects severalhistorical structures that may not receive historical designation individually.It also helps promote the individual characterof San Antonio’s neighborhoodsby empowering the community.Stakeholders take pride in their neighborhoodandadvocate for continual revitalization.

A list of resources can be found HERE.

The preservation of sites as districts is a uniquely American traditionthat can be traced back to the rise of the automobile in the 20thcentury. Peopletravelled further away from their own communitieswith more freedom. As Americans explored the country, towns and cities focused on the preservationandbeautification of neighborhoods.The unique charm of individual, preserved districts provided travelerswith a region’s distinct culture and heritage.

In 1968, San Antonio became the first Texas citywitha residentialhistoricdistrict with thedesignation of theKing William neighborhood.Thedistrict’sGreek Revival, Victorian, and Italianate-styled homes trace back to the arrival of German immigrants in the 1840’s.After falling into disrepair in the 1930’s and ‘40’s, a push to revive the neighborhood began in the ‘50’swhen new residents were attracted to the area due toits proximity to the downtown business district.San Antonio currently has 32 historic districts with another pending designation.

The following video providesan overview of San Antonio’s Architectural History.

Anyone! You, your friends, neighbors, family, visitors - all are welcome to share their favorite stories about San Antonio!

Great question! Contact our ScoutSA staff at the Office of Historic Preservation. They can help walk you through the process of designating a property as a historic landmark.

A full description of the designation process and guidelines can be found in Article VI- Historic Preservation and Urban Design under the Code of Ordinances City of San Antonio, Texas [LINK]. The city council of the City of San Antonio designates historic districts through a zoning ordinance that conforms to the federal and state constitution. Once designated, the district will bear “Historic” (H) or “Historic/Landmark” (HL) in their zoning designation.

Landmark designation protects the City of San Antonio’s unique historic resources that range from residential homes, archeological sites, and the Spanish Missions. These landmarks are recognized by San Antonio for their outstanding historical, cultural, architectural, and/or archeological significance. Historic Landmark designation protects sites from demolition without approval from the Historic Design and Review Commission. There are currently over 1,500 historic landmarks in the city with designations continuously granted. The Unified Development Code provides sixteen criteria for evaluation to determine if a site is eligible for designation. Sites must meet at least three of the criteria. The following links provide further information on the application and process.

Landmark Application

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Designation Criteria for Local Landmarks

Designation Process for Local Landmarks

Some examples of the varied landmarks found in San Antonio include:

Acequia Madre de Valero

An 18th century agricultural irrigation canal built to control the flow of water from the San Antonio River into the Spanish Missions.

Morris Apartments

The historic building has been renovated as an apartment building near the San Fernando Cathedral and Riverwalk.

Fire Station #01

The first fire station in San Antonio is also part of the Alamo Plaza Historic District. It was built under President Roosevelt’s WPA program.

Lone Star Brewery

Historically designated in 1972, the old brewery is now home to the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Guenther House

A prime example of the architectural style found in the King William District, the Guenther House was a private residence for Pioneer Flour Mills founder Carl Hilmar Guenther. It now serves as a restaurant and museum.

Guadalupe Theater

Part of San Antonio’s Westside, the Guadalupe Theater opened in 1942 and mainly played Mexican movies for the Mexican-American community.

Mission San Juan Capistrano

One of the many missions founded by the Franciscan Order in San Antonio under Spanish rule. It is now part of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Steam Locomotive located in St. Paul Square

The steam locomotive is part of Sunset Station and an artifact of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Archeological Site located at 643 Flores St. N.

Archeological sites provide insight into the rich cultural heritage of San Antonio. These sites may provide artifacts from earlier civilizations or the region’s vast ecosystem.

Casa Navarro

Designated a Recorded Texas historic landmark in 1962, listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, and named a National Historic Landmark in 2017. Casa Navarro was the home of Tejano statesman and historian José Antonio Navarro (1795-1871).

When the National Park Service designated the King William District a historic district, the requirements and procedures for requesting grants-in-aid were held under the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (80 Stat. 905). The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 established a program to help the preservation of historical properties across the nation. It was approved on October 15, 1966. It also established the National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks Program. The Act stresses that the Nation’s irreplaceable heritage is in the public’s interest. “It's vital legacy of cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, economic, and energy benefits will be maintained and enriched for future generations of Americans.” The nomination form referred to the King William Historic District as “a tree-shaded neighborhood of Victorian and turn-of-the-century homes” and highlighted the history and character of various homes, including the Wulff House, the Polk Mansion, and Guenther house.

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El Rinconcito de Esperanza Historic District is the latest site to receive historic designation in San Antonio.The site includes eleven structures across three parcels on the east side of S Colorado St between Guadalupe and El Paso streets.The structures are mostly turn of the century to the 1930’s, a concrete block addition from the 1950’s, and an adobestructurebuilt in 2017representingthe history of adobe in San Antonio. All structures are owned by the Esperanza Peace & Justice Center, a social justice and arts organization. El Rinconcito de Esperanza preserves small homes that housed Mexican American working-class families.The site preserves the integrity of a community that heavily influenced the culture of San Antonio.

Thehistoric and design review ofEl Rinconcito de Esperanzais available HERE and exemplifies the current process for historic designation.

Any person owning property in the proposed district, the historic preservation officer, the historic and design review commission,the zoning commission, or the city council can filean application with the historic preservation officer.Forthe historic preservation officer’s contact information, please click HERE.The application is valid for oneyearandcan be renewed by the same party or another individual/group.

If the historic preservation officer deems the proposed site appropriate for designation, the office of preservation staff holds at least one public meetingto inform property owners of the proposal and the designation process.Property owners take part in a ballot vote toapprove the process and must be passed withan approval of at least 51%. Afterwards, a hearingis conducted by the zoning commissionbased on the historic and design review commission’s recommendation.The zoning commission’s recommendation is then moved to the city council, which holds a hearing to approve or denydesignation.

The following list provides the public with resources to begin their own research. The resources have been organized and categorized to follow a progression in the research of sites, from initial steps to in depth, historical research. ScoutSA is available to help and answer any questions that may arise.

City Directories

The San Antonio Public Library provides the public with resources from various collections, such as city directories and Sanborn maps. A Public Library card is needed to access most collections.You can learn more about attaining a library card HERE.

The first step in doing research is to confirm the address. This can be done by visiting the following sites:

BCAD Property Records

Bexar County Appraisal District Property Records providesproperty information including value, deed history, and tax information.

One Stop Map

The City of San Antonio One Stop Map provides the public with an interactive map in which they can look up a specific street address, intersection, neighborhoods, public and residential districts, and other zoning features.

Office of Historic Preservation Explorer

A GIS interactive mapwith information derived from San Antonio’s public records.It canhelp findhistoric districts or landmarks.

Once the address or site is confirmed, the next step is to research the history of the site. Sanborn maps help determine the first appearance of the address on a Sunburn map, as well as identifying previous street names and house numbers. Cross-referencing maps from different archives provides thorough research with accurate dates and data.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Published by the Sanborn Map Company, Sanborn mapsprovide a detailed rendering of U.S. cities and town’s infrastructure from the 19thand 20thcentury. Sanborn Maps are accessible through variousarchives, including:

UT Map Library

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101 East 21stStreet, Austin

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection provides Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps from 1877-1922. Each year available for San Antonio contains an index and a key to help locate the district and specific address being researched.

Library ofCongress

Aside from including a collection of San Antonio Sunburn Fire Insurance Maps, the Library of Congress provides a great tutorial on how to read the maps, describing in detail what different colors signify and an understanding of legends and keys.

The next step would be to investigate public records housed by the City of San Antonio and Bexar County. These resources help with finding out such things as the first appearance of an address in the city directory, who has owned the lot over the years, and if there were any ordinances that have affected the lot over the years. For example, a property may had been residential before re-zoning made it into a public retail space.

Bexar County Clerk

The public records of the Bexar County Clerk contain documents such as marriage licenses, landrecords, personal properties, public notices,andhouses the Spanish Archives, earliest records of Hispanic Texas.These records can highlight how a site has been transferred from owner to owner over the years.

Municipal Archives

Office of the City Clerk George Whitfield, Jr. Municipal Records Facility 719 S. Santa Rosa San Antonio, TX 78204

The digitization of the Municipal Archiveshasmade access to San Antonio records of governance easier for the public.The site also provides finding aids to make navigation easier.These archives house items such as city ordinances that can shed light on any re-zoning that may have affected a site.

The following resources can provide further insight into the history of an address or site. For example, if a house is from the 19th century, or beginning of the 20th, there may be historical records of its construction, or the neighborhood it was built in. These archives specialize in the history of San Antonio and can provide invaluable information.

Conservation Society & Archives

107 King William, San Antonio

The library is open to the public and focuses on the history of San Antonio andSouth CentralTexas. Collectionemphasizes historic buildings, objects, places, and customs.

Or SAPL Texana Room

600 Soledad, 6thFloor, San Antonio

Located on the sixth floor of the Central Library since 1995. The Texana/Genealogy Department provides books, databases, websites, and other resources focused on Texas history.

UTSA Libraries Special Collections

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Aside from the Institute of Texan Cultures, the libraries special collections provide even more research materials, including several digitized materials, such as maps.

Institute of Texan Cultures

801 E Cesar Chavez, San Antonio

The UTSA Special Collectionsprovidesvarious research materials focused on the history and development of San Antonio and South Texas.

UNT Portal to Texas History

University of North Texas’Portal to Texas History provides research materials from all over Texas, including San Antonio.

Texas A&M University-San Antonio Archives and Special Collections

Texas A&M University-San Antonio houses several collections, including collection of La Prensa and a collection from the Daughters of the Republic.

The following resources require a subscription, but can provide vital information. These tools are beneficial if someone is producing a more detailed project. For example, a map can be produced for a specific location with information important to the project. Newspapers can provide more information on previous owners, community, or any events that occurred on the site.

Newspaper Archive

Requires a subscription fee. Newspaper Archive provides customers with access to a large collection of newspapers from around the world.

Historic Aerials

Requires a subscription fee. Historic Aerials provides a large databaseof historic aerial imagery from various sources. Images can be printed or downloaded. Can be usedto find/analyzea specific locationand its surroundings throughout the years.

Texas Natural Resources Information System

Maps can be produced for a fee. A collection of maps based on various subjects, such as county lines,water planning and development, and other resources.

Check out the City of San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation’s website.

We host fun activities, training, and workshops all year long, and we’d love to see you at our next event.

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What are the 5 Scout values? ›

Scouting takes place when young people, in partnership with adults, work together based on the values of Scouting and:
  • enjoy what they are doing and have fun.
  • take part in activities indoors and outdoors.
  • learn by doing.
  • share in spiritual reflection.
  • take responsibility and make choices.

What is the motto of every Scout? ›

The Scout Motto of the Scout movement is, in English, "Be Prepared", with most international branches of the group using a close translation of that phrase. These mottoes have been used by millions of Scouts around the world since 1907.

What are reasonable adjustments in Scouts? ›

Reasonable adjustments should respond to the needs of the individual and remove or reduce any barriers or support access, by making changes to;
  • Physical environment (eg. the meeting place)
  • The way things are done( eg. age range flexibility, the programme, routines)
  • The support provided (eg.

What does the Scout Law Outline? ›

A Scout belongs to the world-wide family of Scouts. A Scout has courage in all difficulties. A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property. A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.

Who are the key 3 in Scouting? ›

The unit key 3 are the unit leader, chartered organization representative, and unit committee chair.

What are the 3 principles of Scouting? ›

The Three Principles of World Scouting

The Scout program enjoyed by youth and adult volunteers is based on three broad Principles which represent the Movement's fundamental beliefs. They are known as Duty to God, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self.

What is Scout famous quote? ›

The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.” “Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.” “Correcting bad habits cannot be done by forbidding or punishment.” “Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I'll show you a poorly uniformed leader.”

What does Dib dib dib dob dob dob mean? ›

Short for do your best. dyb (or dib) and dob were used as abbreviated forms of do your best and do our best in certain Scout chants.

What is the goal of Scouting? ›

The Scouting program has specific objectives, commonly referred to as the “Aims of Scouting.” They are character development, leadership development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.

Can a Scout fail a board of review? ›

Often failure to pass a board of review is not the fault of the Scout but of the review board. In my 36 years of Scouting experience, from Scoutmaster to district committee chairman, I have found that over-testing of the Scout was the cause of 99 percent of the failures to complete a rank.

Can I refuse reasonable adjustments? ›

An organisation or employer may legally refuse an adjustment if it was too expensive or would disrupt other people or the business. This is not discrimination. Refusing to make an adjustment that is cheap and easy to implement could be discrimination.

Can a Scout be denied a board of review? ›

8.0. 0.2 Boards of Review Must Be Granted When Requirements Are Met. A Scout shall not be denied this opportunity. When he believes he has completed all the requirements for a rank,including a Scoutmaster conference, a board of review must be granted.

What does Duty to God mean in Scouting? ›

Any youth or leader who would be a member of the Boy Scouts of America must profess a belief in God and promise to do his or her best to fulfill the spiritual ideals of Scouting.

What is the most important word in the Scout Law? ›

The most important word in the scout law is "IS". The Scout Law doesn't say a Scout 'might be', or 'may be' or 'could be' or 'should be' - it says a Scout IS. That means the basic character of a Scout includes those characteristics.

How do you memorize the Scout Law? ›

Another popular technique is to divide the Law into four triplets: trustworthy-loyal-helpful, friendly-courteous-kind, obedient-cheerful-thrifty, and brave-clean-reverent.

What is the lowest Scout rank? ›

Scouts BSA has seven ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle.

Why do Scouts hold up 3 fingers? ›

Meaning of the three fingers

In his book, Scouting for Boys, Robert Baden-Powell chose the three-finger salute for Scouts to represent the three aspects of the Scout Promise: Honour God and Country. Help Others. Obey the Scout Law.

What are the four pillars of Scouting? ›

Character and Intelligence, Skill and Handicrafts, Physical Health & Hygiene and Service to others are the four Pillars, a Scout / Guide should climb and get themselves ready to serve the nation.

Do Scouts shake left hand? ›

The left-handed Scout handshake is a formal way of greeting other Scouts of both genders and is used by members of Scout and Guide organizations around the world. The handshake is made with the hand nearest the heart and is offered as a token of friendship.

What should a Scout know? ›

mentally awake, and morally straight. Scout Law: A Scout is ...Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent. Scout Motto: Be Prepared. Scout Slogan: Do a good turn daily.

What are the 8 methods of Scouting? ›

The eight methods of the Scouting movement are the means through which the Aims of Scouting are achieved:
  • Scouting Ideals.
  • Patrols.
  • Outdoors.
  • Advancement.
  • Personal Growth.
  • Adult Association.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Uniform.

Why is Scout her nickname? ›

Scout's real name is Jean Louise Finch, she is six years old at the start of the novel. Her father is Atticus Finch, and she has a brother named Jem. The reason for her nickname is not revealed, although, we can infer that she got the name because of her innate curiousity and tendency to question everything around her.

Why is Scout a tomboy? ›

In general, Scout is a tomboy because she prefers masculinity over femininity.

What is Scouts real name? ›

Answer and Explanation: Scout's real name in Harper Lee's classic To Kill a Mockingbird is Jean Louise Finch, but she is rarely called by her given name.

What is the full name of DOB? ›

d. o. b. is an old-fashioned written abbreviation for date of birth, used especially on official forms.

Why is Cub leader Akela? ›

Each Pack is made up of young people aged 8 to 10, led by an adult Cub leader traditionally nicknamed Akela after the wise leader of the wolf pack in Rudyard Kipling's novel, The Jungle Book.

Do Cubs still say Dib Dib Dib? ›

Dib is spelt Dyb. They stand for : Do Your Best and Do Our Best. I believe that the cubs still use the full version today.

What are the 6 essentials in Scouting? ›

Cub Scout Six Essentials
  • Flashlight.
  • Filled Water Bottle.
  • Whistle.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Sun Protection.
  • Trail Food.
1 Mar 2017

What are Scouts skills? ›

Scouts helps children and young adults reach their full potential. Scouts develop skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, self-motivation, cultural awareness and commitment.

Do Scouts look at stats? ›

Do Talent Evaluators Use Statistics? For the most part, scouts pay little attention to how players performed statistically. Instead, they watch as much film of each prospect as they can, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their game and projecting how they are likely to project at the next level.

What do Scouts look for in a full back? ›

The main attributes a scout looks for in a Central Defender are: Ball Control (becoming more important for defenders) Bravery in attempting challenges. Concentration.

Can a Scout carry a knife? ›

Know the law:

In a nutshell, standard penknives (such as Swiss Army knives) are OK for scouts to carry at, to and from, camp. Larger knives can be legal, but it isn't clear cut and they aren't recommended.

What are reasonable adjustments for ADHD? ›

Examples of reasonable adjustments:

Take short breaks throughout the day. Negotiate taking 10-15 minute breaks regularly away from your desk. This may mean working slightly longer core hours to accommodate this e.g. 8.30-5.30 rather than 9-5 would give you four 15 min breaks to take during the day when you needed them.

Is dyslexia a disability? ›

Therefore, as dyslexia is a lifelong condition and has a significant impact on a person's day-to-day life, it meets the criteria of a disability and is covered by The Equality Act 2010. An employer must not refuse to employ someone simply because they have a disability.

Can you dismiss someone with a disability? ›

You can be dismissed if your disability means you cannot do your job even with reasonable adjustments. You cannot be selected for redundancy just because you're disabled. For advice about work issues, talk to Acas (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), Citizens Advice or your trade union representative.

Are butterfly knives allowed in Scouts? ›

Switchblades, Ballistic knives, Butterfly knives are not allowed. Any spring assisted opening technology knives are not allowed Large sheath knives are not allowed. Scout knife blade length can be no more than three inches.

What is the highest award for a Scout? ›

The highest award in Scouts BSA is the Eagle Scout Award. It's earned by young people who work their way through the Scouts BSA ranks, earn at least 21 merit badges, hold leadership positions in their unit, and plan and lead a massive service project.

Can a Scout fail a Scoutmaster conference? ›

CAN A SCOUT FAIL A SCOUTMASTER CONFERENCE? No, it is not a test. Note that a Scout must participate or take part in a conference, not pass it.

What is the 7 Scout Law? ›

Rob Milne and 3,240 others like this. Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, brave, clean, reverend, thrify, cheerful, friendly, courteous, and obedient. At least that was what they were in the 70's- early 80's. A Scout is to be trusted.

Can you be a Boy Scout if you are atheist? ›

The Boy Scouts of America does not define what constitutes religious belief in a God or practice of religion. Neither does the BSA require membership in a religious organization or association for membership in the movement.

How do you demonstrate your duty to God? ›

  1. Faith in a Supreme Being. The definition of faith made very dramatically for each person. ...
  2. Scripture Study. A key part of fulfilling your Duty to God is to first learn it. ...
  3. Prayer. Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. ...
  4. Worship Service. ...
  5. Charitable Service. ...
  6. Obey the Law of God. ...
  7. Invite Others to Faith.
30 Mar 2021

What do you say at the end of a Scout meeting? ›

Be with us until we meet again.”(all bring their right hands to their hearts, and bow their heads.) The troop forms a circle with each Scout making the Scout sign. With their left hand, each grasps the lifted right wrist of their neighbor on the left. The troop then gives the Scout Benediction or Scout Law.

What is the Scout code of living? ›

There are 12 principles a Boy Scout lives by which is actually considered the Scout Law. "A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent."

What happens if you break Scouts honor? ›


If a scout were to break his honour by telling a lie, or by not carrying out an order exactly when trusted on his honour to do so, he would cease to be a scout, and must hand over his scout badge and never be allowed to wear it again.

What are the Scout 12 core values describe each values? ›

There are 12 principles a Boy Scout lives by which is actually considered the Scout Law. "A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent." All leaders must have and live by a set of values.

What are this Scouts best qualities? ›

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

What are the 4 values? ›

Four distinct values known as The Core 4 emerged: integrity, customer service, respect and professionalism. We live Integrity by: Telling the truth.
The Core 4 Values
  • Valuing the worth of others.
  • Honoring diversity and differences.
  • Practicing the Golden Rule.

What are the three C's of Girl Scouts? ›

4. The 3 C's: Today's girls need "courage, confidence, and character."

What are Scouts looking for? ›

Soccer scouts look for technique, tactical awareness, physical attributes, competitiveness and good behaviour.

What are Scouts strengths? ›

Despite Scout is only six, she is attentive and curious like… a scout, let's say. She is also very intelligent for her age, making logical conclusions and connecting the events in her mind in a proper way. Curiosity, intelligence and the innate feeling of right and wrong are clearly inherited from her father, Mr.

What is the most important thing Scout learns? ›

The three lessons that Scout learns throughout the novel To Kill a Mockingbird are to, always look at situations from others perspective, not to hurt innocence, and that because everyone has good and bad qualities you should look for them instead of just seeing one side.

What is the highest rank in Scout? ›

EAGLE SCOUT is the highest rank attainable. To become an Eagle Scout, you must earn a total of 21 merit badges and demonstrate Scout Spirit, service and leadership.

What's the difference between Scouts and Guides? ›

The key difference (as everyone says) is that Guiding is just for Girls and Scouting is mixed.

Which is better Scout or NCC? ›

BS&G(Bharat Scouts and guides) it is commonly referred as because S&G was started by British. Its more for the age group of 11-17 years. NCC is whereas more affiliated to indian army.

What are the three essential of moral and spiritual values in Scouting? ›

This is expressed in the three Principles of Scouting: Duty to God, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self (ibid:5). Duty to God represents the spiritual world; Duty to Others and Duty to Self represent the material world, dividing it between our social obligations to other people and our personal obligations to ourselves.


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