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Checkout Serverwala Best Server Colocation Plans In Bangalore At Cheap Price With Fully SecureManaged Hosting In Tier 3 Data centers.

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2X Intel E5620 CPU


  • 32 GB RAM DDR3 ECC
  • 2X Intel E5620 CPU
  • 100 TB Bandwith Network
  • Location Turkey
  • 1 TB SAS Storage
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed
  • 100 Gbps DDoS Protection

2X Intel E5620 CPU


  • 32 GB RAM DDR3 ECC
  • 2X Intel E5620 CPU
  • 100 TB Bandwith Network
  • Location Turkey
  • 1 TB SAS Storage
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed
  • 100 Gbps DDoS Protection

2X Intel E5620 CPU


  • 32 GB RAM DDR3 ECC
  • 2X Intel E5620 CPU
  • 100 TB Bandwith Network
  • Location Turkey
  • 1 TB SAS Storage
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed
  • 100 Gbps DDoS Protection

Why Choose Colocation Bangalore From one of the Best Data CentersBangalore

Your hosting server is the backbone of your online business. And that's the reason whyeveryone wants a reliable and effective internet hosting server for their online business. A datacenter would be more effective and reliable but it comes at a cost and is time-consuming. Sopeople look for a cheaper option that comes packed with higher resources like a US ColocationServer. Serverwala is one of the best Data Centers in Bangalore registered till date.

Colocation server is a flexible service where you will have full control over the functioning ofyour server. With a Colocation Server, users get a reliable and secure way to manage theirdata. It is almost like you are running a professionally managed data center Bangalore.

Colocation Server promises an effective way to grow your online business and guarantee acompetitive edge. The cost of Colocation Bangalore Data Centers Server is comparatively low and atthe same time, they offer the best quality service as well. There will be several benefits that youwill get with Colocation Server

Colocation Servers provides everything that is required by a Bangalore Data Center to run an onlinebusiness. You will get flexibility, reliability, and efficiency which would help you to expand youronline business.

Serverwala is the first Rated 4 Datacenter in the Bangalore and it is known for the best in classhosting infrastructure. And that is why Serverwala is known as one of the best server colocationproviders in the US. Serverwala is a name that you can trust when it comes to fulfilling the needs of your server colocation needs. In simpler words, with Serverwala, you get world-classdata center benefits. Users will get high performance, high scalability, reliability, andundisturbed connectivity with Serverwala’s Data Centre Bangalore.

Our Bangalore Colocation Data Centers Offering

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Shared Space

One of the best services offered by us is the space that allows customers to host theirrack-mounted server in IDC Rack, this is done by the 1U/2U shared colocation which is providedby the service provider. This helps you to mount the server and dual power supply and network.Customer servers would have a rail kit to mount the server inside the rack. Servers can beconnected to a shared/dedicated band for internet access.

Shared Space

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Rack Colocation

Customers can bring their own Rack where servers can be mounted inside the rack. Power andnetwork are provided as per part of the rack colocation. Customers can have 1U/2U as well asmultiple U/tower servers as long as there is space in the rack.

Rack Colocation

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (7)


For all those customers who have multiple racks, they can have a dedicated cage area. This willbe a dedicated and restricted area that will be locked and the access will be limited. Customerscan also customize their needs such as bandwidth and their own rack. They will be given fullcontrol over their server and network.


Why Choose Serverwala for US Colocation Server?

There are 5 major reasons why you should choose Serverwala’s United States data center. Andthese are:-

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We have made sure that our customers get a higher range of bandwidth to meet your demands.The bandwidth requirements can either be fixed or flexible according to your preferences. Thefibers are sufficient enough to meet the huge requirements of our customers. The connectivity isstrong and without any hassle. We are keeping our promise and serving our customers for along time and they are fully satisfied with our services as well.

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High-Performance Colocation Bangalore

Our new center in the US possesses an advanced fiber-optic network, providing the highestperformance along with the lowest latency. We provide the highest security for your data andsecure data transmission as well. High-speed connectivity, peer to peer relationship, andinterconnections are implemented from all tier-ISPs.

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Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (12)


We promise you to provide all the services on demand. Customers would be provided withreliable power sources that ensure an uninterrupted power supply and enough power for theirhuge demands. This prevents customers from facing any kind of obstruction to any of theirservices. The whole thing is monitored by a team of professionals that ensures the smoothfunctioning of all the services.

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We provide top-notch security services that ensure the full security of your data and itstransmission. Physical security prevents any kind of threats and vulnerabilities posed in thecyber world. The customers would get security features including video surveillance, biometrics,armed guards, and so on. The fire alarm system is also included which makes sure to preventyou from my kind of fire hazard. There will be multi-layered security to ensure top-notch security.For better protection Firewall is also enabled which makes our service more secure.

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Colocation Saves Money

Even with the world-class services and benefits, the colocation server comes at a provokedfriendly price. The costs associated with setting up, managing, and maintaining servers are onlyrising and it can be expensive for organizations. But Colocation allows customers to benefit fromthe best infrastructure and reliability and maximize all the benefits while minimizing the cost.

Here are the ways to save money:-

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (16)

Redundant Power

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (17)

Lower Energy Costs

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (18)

Software Configuration

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (19)

Reduced Bandwidth Expenses

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (20)

Hardware Ownership

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (21)

Advantages of Serverwala's Server Colocation in Bangalore

Serverwala is the largest data center in the US whose Server Colocation should be your firstchoice if you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution. With server colocation, userswon't need to spend a fortune on expensive devices or an in house IT team to monitor or tocontrol the whole thing. You will just have to log in and possess their servers, without having tospend on capital investment or unwanted operational fee.

Serverwala gives better arrangements for server storage and you can operate more efficientlywhen compared to the other services. With Serverwala's colocation server, clients get fastnetworking and high-speed website connections at a reasonable price.

Client's get numerous benefits, some of them include getting modern resources and free frompilling of legacy technology. The profits increase through the energy-saving processes.

Benefits of Colocation Data Center in Bangalore

1.To minimize the least, Firewalls, networking, energy, cooling, and rack are supplied throughServerwala in alternate. And it also decreases as the full rack is shared with differentconsumers.

2.All of the servers under the data centers are fully under control. You will get notifications forany troubles and they will also verify the purchases.

3.Controlling and monitoring everything is quite easy and all the centralized advantages aresupplied with colocation service. This makes the administration in remote areas effective andefficient.

4.Scalability can be attained faster and that too without any additional charges. This happensbecause the consumers would lease the extra space to host extra servers while the demandarises.

5.If you are hosting crucial applications then Colocation servers are proven to be morebeneficial and effective. This happens because it delivers high stages of community accessibilitywhich will fulfill the demand by a larger consumer base.

6.Lastly, the colocation server will effectively minimize the cost associated with the datacenters of big business.

Features of Bangalore Data Centers

A team of network gurus dedicated to your online hosting success.

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (22)

Global network of data centers

Users would get a global reach as the centers are located in both US and India.

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (24)

24/7 Support

A team of professionals and experts would be ready to assist you 24/7. So whenever you wouldfind yourself in need of some advice or guidance you can certainly trust our technical support.

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (25)

Power density

Users would get increased reliability and scalability with our high-density data centers. Thepower would be increased with our modular design, which would be enough to meet therequirements of the most demanding applications.

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (26)

Interconnection & Hybridization

You can connect with our infrastructure environment with our interconnection and hybridizationfacilities.

Colocation Bangalore | Best Data Center in Bangalore (27)

Multiple Battery Backup

Customers get the advantage of favored system design and unmatched availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Colocation Server is basically a service that a data center provides to their customer to relocatetheir server to a data center server. You get the huge space on a server and excellentconnectivity to migrate your server. The data center provider also provides you a completepackage of services for multiple users at a time for the same location.

We have connected with all the major level 1 ISP to provide outstanding and redundantconnectivity for ultra-fast content delivery speed. We also have direct peer-to-peer connectivityto furnish an excellent end-user experience. So customers and clients can enjoy the fastest datadelivery speed while working at homes and offices.

"Racks" and "Cabinets" are the measurement units of Colocation Space. A rack, in simplewords, horizontal space for relocating your servers and computing hardware. Server colocationprovides you the complete authority to operate your server functionality and manage thehardware in a well organized manner.

Server Colocation is a service where the users likely host their existing online business orsimply relocate their server from existing to cloud space. Whereas Dedicated Server Hosting isa web hosting where the users buy the web space on rent for their online business websitehosting and hire the web hosting to take care of server maintenance.

A rack in a data center is a physical steel or electronic framework i.e. unit designed to measurethe colocation space.

Colocation Costing depends on your hardware requirements, such as how much bandwidth youneeded, IP, how many racks you choose. Server Wala colocation pricing starts from......../month to .........../month based on what type of infrastructure you require for your business.

Tier 2 Data Center has excessive components, including multiple server sources, network links.But only one path has the authority to supply power and cooling resources. Basically, the Tier 2data centers are also known as the Level 2 data center.

The Tier 3 data center has the top level data center, which has the powers of a tier 2 datacenter, including redundant and dual powered servers, more robust storage, secure andultimate network links, and other IT components.

Yes, Colocation is a service, whereas a Dedicated Server is a Web Hosting hence cheaper thana Dedicated Server.

The Clients who relocate their hosting on a Colocation server owned the server hardware incolocation.

Colocation helps to secure your server because if you manually handle the server, then the datamight be at risk because of unstable network connections..

With the managed Colocation Services, you will be able to operate and handle the serverwithout having complete server control. The web host provider will also manage everything andbe responsible for serving the highest performance, reliability, and integrity.

In a Data Center rack, there are a total 42 U.

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