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The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce has seven branch chambers across the country to ensure that the industrial and commercial needs of its members are addressed. The chambers are located in Accra, Tema, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Sekondi-Takoradi, Tarkwa, and Wa with their respective names as follows:

  • Accra Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Tema Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Cape Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Kumasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • GNCC – Takoradi Branch
  • Tarkwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Wa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Koforidua Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Plans are underway to ensure that at least each region has a branch chamber to promote and protect industrial and commercial interests of economic agents.

The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce traces its roots to the first Chambers established in the then Gold Coast, called the Gold Coast Chambers of Revenue. The first of it was formed on 10th January, 1850 by the Danes.

Prior to November 1961, there existed four main separate Chambers of Commerce operating independently of each other due to the different groups they represented. The Accra and Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce, Kumasi Chamber of Commerce, and the Sekondi/Takoradi Chamber of Commerce represented the expatriate firms while the Ghana Chamber of Commerce represented the interests of the indigenous business community across the country.

The first President of the Republic of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, made efforts to amalgamate the four Chambers into one entity. In his broadcast to the nation on Sunday, 9th October, 1960, Dr. Nkrumah states the following:

“I now wish to say a word about Chamber of Commerce. There are at present two Chamber, one for Ghanaian interests and one for overseas. The Government considers that this situation is anomalous in a country which is opposed to discrimination in any form and I have therefore today issued directions that the Government will only recognize one Chamber of Commerce to represent all private interests in Ghana.”

Following the above broadcast, a Joint Working Committee was appointed to explore the possibilities of setting up a unified body with a common front to address the issues of its members. On the submission of the full report of the Joint Working Committee to the Government, the independent Chambers were consolidated into one national Chamber, Ghana National Chamber of Commerce by Executive Instrument (E.I. 196) by then Prime Minister of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on 8th November, 1961.

The first Officers of the Chamber were:

  • Mr. Samuel Christian Appenteng - (President)
  • Mr. P. R. Marriott - (Vice President)
  • Mr. F. Obeng Benne - (Vice President)
  • Mr. L. Bauer - (Honorary Treasurer)

The Coopted Members include the following with Mr. J. Charlton Tettey as the National Secretary:

  • Mr. N. T. Clerk
  • Mr. J. C. Lucas, OBE
  • Mr. E. J. Brenya
  • Mr. R. R. Ultshire

Seven years later, in 1968, the need arose to have a second look at the Executive Instrument to correct certain deficiencies that became evident in the implementation of the various clauses of the instrument. A Legislative Instrument (L.I. 611) of 11th December 1968 was therefore issued to cancel the clauses in the Executive Instrument which were found to be problem area in the implementation; duplication of functions and petty jealousies among the four Chambers of Commerce that existed. The amendment to Executive Instrument No. 196 was to correct certain deficiencies which became evident in its operation with the passage of time.

The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce did and continue to receive the recognition of the various governments that have ruled the country up to date as well as Chambers of Commerce all over the world. In this connection, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah wrote the following as Preface for the Interim Report of the baby Chamber:

“The aim of Government’s trade policy is the rapid achievement of the following broad ends. Firstly, to maximize the foreign exchange earnings derived from our experts. Secondly, to utilize the available foreign exchange in the best interests of economic development. Thirdly, to secure reasonable protection for the industrial and commercial undertakings set up within the framework of our development programme. The achievement of these aims will depend to a large extent not only on the hard work and efficiency of the individual businessman and work, but also the imagination and expertise of many industrial and commercial organizations throughout the country. It is for this reason that the Government attaches such importance to your Chamber of Commerce”.

The Chamber represents the voice of the business community with total commitment to playing a leadership role towards propelling Ghana’s economy to higher heights. To this end, the Chamber has and will continue to influence government policies which will be to the benefit of the private sector whiles promoting the overall development of the Ghanaian economy.

The Chamber Today

The Chamber has grown impressively from a membership of 14 in 1888 to about 5,000 today with eight operational offices across the country. Since its incorporation, the Chamber has continued to play significant roles in the economic growth and development of Ghana. The activities of the Chamber are carried out through various Sectoral Groups and Service Committees, which cover a variety of economic interests. The Chamber’s National Secretariat provides the administrative and technical support for the day-to-day workings through its Regional/District chambers.

Relations with government and other relevant bodies

As the representative organ of the business community and the voice of the organised private sector in Ghana, the Chamber maintains regular consultations with government on policies and measures affecting business and the economy. It makes representations to the Government on issues of interest to the business community and the economy.

What we offer

  • The Chamber promotes Trade and Industry and also represents the opinion of the business community on matters affecting Trade and Industry in Ghana. It is incorporated as a non-profit making organization and its income and property are applied solely for the promotion of its objectives.
  • It is the central organization for collecting, distributing and disseminating information of business nature, especially regulations, tariffs, opportunities for trade and other matters affecting local and foreign markets.
  • In the pursuit of its objectives, the Chamber is non-racial, non sectarian, non-political and gender friendly.
  • The Chamber is affiliated with international acclaimed bodies like the Pan African Chamber of Commerce (PACCI), Federation of West African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FEWACCI) and International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
  • Apart from its continuous efforts at promoting the collective business interest of its members, the Chamber provides customized services to individual members.
  • Letters of introduction are issued to members to facilitate visa procurement for international travels.
  • Numerous directories, trade journals and periodicals from virtually every country in the world are available to members in the Chamber’s Library and Information Hub.
  • Certificates of Origin are endorsed at a moderate cost to members. The service is also extended to non-members.
  • The Chamber’s Annual Report and Quarterly Newsletters are circulated in and outside Ghana.
  • The Chamber’s publications are among the leading works of reference and research on investment potentials in Ghana. Advertisement in the journals and directory is open to members of the Chamber and non-members alike.
  • The Chamber is recognized as the official body through which opinion on commercial and industry matters can be presented directly to Government or other authorities, both national and local. It is frequently consulted by government in advance, on the preparation of new legislation affecting the business community.
  • The Chamber organizes in-house and off-site skills and cognitive training workshops for members and non-members alike. In addition, it carries out consultancy services for members, especially on development of business plan, feasibility study, market research, etc. through its Business Education Service & Training Unit.

Sectoral Groups and Committees

To discharge its duties effectively, the Chamber is structured into sectoral groups which are listed below:

  • Agriculture and Non - Oil Export
  • Automobile
  • Construction and Engineering Services
  • Financial Services
  • Petroleum and Energy
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Industrial
  • Information Communications Technology
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Professional Practice
  • Small and Medium Enterprises and Distributive
  • Transport

Chamber Branches and Operational Office

  • Accra Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Tema Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Cape Coast Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • GNCC - Takoradi
  • Kumasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Tarkwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Wa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Airport Office (Export Documentation) - Inside Aviance, Ghana Airport

Ministry of Trade and Industry - www.moti.gov.gh

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration - www.mfa.gov.gh

Ministry of Transport - www.mot.gov.gh/

Ministry of Business Development -http://mobd.gov.gh/

Ghana Investment Promotion Centre -www.gipcghana.com

Ghana Revenue Authority, Customs Division - www.gra.gov.gh

Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority - www.ghanaports.gov.gh

Exim Bank Ghana - www.eximbankghana.com

USAID West Africa Trade and Investment Hub - www.watradehub.com

World Bank- IFC - www.ifc.org

Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund - www.busac.org

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