A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (2022)

  • Facebook is one of the highest paying Big Tech companies.
  • Business Insider sifted through 2021 data for thousands of jobs to find just how much Facebook pays.
  • Most workers make a six-figure salary, but some make much more than others, the data shows.

If you want a big salary at Facebook and you're not an executive or in the c-suite, go for a job in engineering, marketing or communications.

High level engineers can easily make a salary in the mid-six figures, as can people at the director level in marketing and communications, according to a year's worth of Facebook pay data. Insider pulled the information from more than 10,000 work-visa applications the company filed with the US government in 2021. An engineering manager, for instance, makes just under $350,000 a year. A director of internal communications is earning $300,000.

And that's just salary. Facebook's total compensation packages include initial generous grants of restricted stock units, usually equal to salary, that are "refreshed" upon annual performance reviews, like those wrapping up right now. A refresher is at minimum another equity grant equal to the dollar amount of a person's salary. It can be three or four times that amount for those deemed good performers.

It all starts with salary, though. So how much exactly do other Facebook workers make?

It depends on the job, of course, and as remote work has become more commonplace, to some extent on where the worker is based. Facebook, aka Meta Platforms, now has full-time workers in 17 states, the visa data shows, from Hawaii to South Carolina. A data scientist in California makes $170,000 while one in Maryland makes $155,000. A software engineer in Massachusetts makes $123,000 and one in New York makes $160,000.

The information has limitations. It covers only jobs for which Facebook is hiring from other countries, which was extensive last year as the company struggles to recruit and retain talent. It's heavy on data scientists and engineers and short on executives. No stock grants are included in the data, nor is experience and its influence on pay. Still, it gives solid insight into Facebook's pay scale.

Keep reading for a breakdown of what the social-media giant pays for close to 300 different jobs. Also be sure to take a look through Insider's big tech salary database, featuring data on how much Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and other companies pay their employees.


A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (1)


Global operations engineer: $144,400 to $149,000

3D sensing HW/SW characterization engineer: $160,000

Audio systems engineer: $219,200

ASIC engineer: $154,400 to $190,000

ASIC engineering manager: $210,520

Integrity science engineer: $165,000

Digital modeling engineer: $168,000

Certification/Compliance engineer: $220,500

Antenna engineer: $188,441

Tooling engineer: $205,000

Security engineer: $118,000 to $193,380

System validation engineer: $115,000

Program manager tooling: $150,000 to $215,000

Product systems validation lead: $230,000

Systems engineer: $112,098 to $117,750

Research engineer: $123,000 pa to $194,000

Process system engineer, external partners: $230,000

Network deployment and support engineer: $188,036

Software engineer: $118,000 to $250,000

Software engineering manager: $196,317 to $275,000

Front end engineer: $118,000 to $197,612

Network security engineer: $121,017

Linguistic engineer: $150,823

Field engineer: $90,742 to $97,468

Firmware engineer: $169,000 to $195,000

Manufacturing quality engineer: $195,000

Product quality engineer, Reality Labs: $189,000

DFX manufacturing engineer: $220,500 to $222,000

Automation engineer: $178,964

Silicon physical design engineer: $189,140

Silicon engineer:$156,000

Design verification engineer: $167,000 to $225,987

Design verification engineer manager: $223,121

Performance and capacity engineer: $121,000 to $196,020

Performance and capacity engineering manager: $276,000

Partner engineer: $154,413 to $185,689

Partner engineer business platforms: $214,000

Partner engineer, payments: $190,000

Electrical engineer: $162,177 to $225,000

Digital design engineer: $120,000 to $210,000

Enterprise engineer: $108,000 to $158,400

Enterprise network reliability engineer: $193,685

Enterprise engineering manager: $212,850

Enterprise engineering director: $294,481 to $342,505

Systems electrical engineer: $156,000

FEA engineer: $160,000

Analog and mixed-signal design engineer: $200,000

Data engineer: $120,000 to $231,838

Data engineering manager: $190,872 to $233,353

Quality assurance engineering manager: $184,798

Wireless carrier engineering lead: $215,000 to $258,000

Systems integration engineering lead: $225,000

Optical systems test engineer: $195,000

Optimization engineer: $165,000

Hardware engineer: $110,000 to $184,251

Hardware analytics engineer: $140,000

DSP engineer: $188,175

Production engineer: $118,000 to $241,034

Manufacturing test engineer: $218,000

Manufacturing test engineering manager: $183,471

Cellular firmware engineer: $195,000

Mechanical design engineer: $140,000 pa to $161,620

Network engineer: $109,000 to $212,000

Network infrastructure engineer: $196,712 to $201,070

Engineering director: $293,902

Solutions engineer: $115,000 to $158,780

Head of solutions engineering: $219,356

Network optical engineer: $140,000 to $141,288

RF systems engineer: $131,600.72 to $190,000

Application engineer: $120,000 to $215,000

Application engineering manager: $219,159

Computer vision engineer: $160,000 to $130,342

Machine learning engineer: $174,000 to $214,000

Machine learning engineering manager: $241,638

Engineering manager: $205,242 to $247,701

Data centers, infrastructure and supply chain

A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (2)

Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

Site project manager: $133,959 to $140,000

Pre-construction planning manager: $170,000 to $197,541

Construction manager: $145,000 to $191,686

Infrastructure materials manager: $135,000 to $155,000

DC network planning manager: $201,364

Enterprise operations telecommunications lead: $166,600

Operations program manager: $196,199

Director of networking: $300,000

Demand planner: $174,315

Data center capacity planner: $150,000

Data center engineering specialist, information security: $187,000

Technical sourcer: $102,114 to $125,000

Strategic technical sourcing lead, optics: $230,000

Technical sourcing manager, ASIC: $232,000

Sourcing manager: $131,000 to $210,000

Head of contractor operations: $195,459

DC facility operations director: $255,000

Facility project manager: $145,750

Data center site project manager: $129,000 to $141,110

Systems and technical design and science

Silicon architect: $114,000 to $151,134

Optical scientist:$130,000 to $190,125

Memory system architect: $193,000

Systems and services team manager: $205,443

Graphics performance architect: $200,000 to $229,158

NOC architect: $140,000 to $226,329

Sensor architect: $227,700

Power architect: $215,000

Decision scientist: $116,908 to $181,947

Decision science manager: $182,960

Applied research scientist: $180,320 to $227,700

Technical program manager: $100,000 to $229,000

Visiting scientist: $261,000

Technical writer: $140,000

Security, privacy and integrity

A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (3)

Matt McClain-Pool/Getty Images/Andrew Harnik/AP

Security partner: $197,307

Program Manager, digital rights integrity: $117,000

Security policy risk and compliance manager: $258,061

Trust and safety risk operations manager: $180,000

Security architect: $239,000

Technical infosec compliance specialist: $144,172

Privacy risk manager: $225,000

Privacy program manager: $109,000 to $155,000

Privacy operations specialist: $113,000

Global security protective design manager: $170,672

Security program manager: $190,000

Manager, security operations: $205,000

Integrity manager: $166,000

Program manager, digital rights integrity: $154,000

Safety investigator, online safety: $170,280

Project manager, safety, community operations: $151,000

Threat investigator: $137,845 to $161,370

Business, finance and policy

A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (4)


Director, North American markets: $280,000

Business lead, Facebook app: $135,986

Business intelligence architect: $100,900

Program manager, business planning and operations: $162,000 to $173,975

Public policy manager, WhatsApp: $154,000

Business integrity project manager WhatsApp trust and safety: $123,000

Business API pricing operations manager, Whatsapp: $233,000

Finance manager, Reality Labs research: $170,805 to $184,629

Finance manager, messaging platforms: $253,278

Business planning and operations lead: $155,000 to $181,836

Business planning and operations manager: $153,450

Business development manager, artificial intelligence: $178,887

Internal audit manager: $155,000 to $189,804

Business integrity associate: $100,900 to $140,000

Business integrity manager: $204,580

Investment associate: $208,000

Finance associate: $115,000

Director, global safety policy: $267,300 to $279,839

Policy programs manager: $193,050

Government, politics and advocacy partner manager: $115,400

Business product strategy lead, Facebook financial: $220,000

Emerging business operations and strategy manager: $219,130

Specialist, legal TDR operations: $112,084

Revenue accountant: $118,476

Revenue accounting manager: $153,450

Head of DTC e-commerce: $222,799

FX Growth company identities, project manager leader: $271,547

Research and data analytics

A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (5)


Lead, diversity research: $175,230

User experience (UX) researcher: $120,000 to $171,500

Consumer researcher: $145,555

Manager, UX research programs: $225,720

WhatsApp reporting and analytics manager: $208,000

Manager, central analytics: $237,600

Data analyst: $151,000

Technical analytics associate: $135,093

Analytics manager: $182,160

Analytics lead: $200,970

Head of issue management and advanced analytics: $240,236

Enterprise technical support analyst: $111,000

Instagram content analysts: $114,000

Payments data analyst: $120,780

Content enforcement analyst: $117,000

Marketing data analyst: $138,700

Data specialist: $154,312

Data scientist: $105,000 to $206,000

Data science manager: $182,302 to $254,317

Research scientist: $135,000 to $262,665

Director research scientist: $321,724

Solid mechanics research scientist: $156,800

Research scientist manager: $240,304 to $271,389

Business analytics partner: $166,000

Product growth analyst: $147,407 to $176,400

Partner growth analyst: $114,000

Sales commissions analyst: $123,000

Supply chain and data analyst: $138,565

Community risk assessment analyst: $94,975

Compensation analyst: $141,000

Project manager, operations metrics and monitoring: $136,000

Visiting researcher: $154,000

Postdoctoral researcher: $147,000 to $168,205

Logistics and commerce

A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (6)

(waiting for original photo)

Global channel program manager: $215,000

Supply chain program manager: $153,000 to $206,923

Customer journey program manager: $160,000

Quality operations program manager: $114,000

Program manager, commerce, product and service operations: $125,031

Vendor services lead: $166,000

Global solutions partner: $186,139 to $205,870

Procurement business partner: $118,000

Quality assurance lead: $130,000 to $175,000

Communications, marketing, advertising and partnerships

A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (7)

ABC News/This Week

Strategic planning and operations lead, platform partnerships: $174,000

Head of partner management, commerce and signals: $266,000

Partner strategist: $154,534 to $190,120

Agency director, LATAM: $331,671 to $342,882

Director, creative shop, marketing science research: $276,059

Creative director: $198,387

Director, North America entertainment partnerships: $290,416

Business education training partner: $140,000

Marketing science expert: $208,210

Marketing science partner: $188,100

Marketing science research and development lead: $145,000 to $181,832

Marketing manager: $136,000 to $174,000

Digital marketing manager: $189,007

Developer programs marketing manager: $144,440

Marketing Analytics Manager: $227,000

Marketing Research Manager: $240,413

Global vertical insights marketing strategy lead: $167,358

Global alliances manager, Workplace: $195,000

Manager, global partnerships PMM: $212,949

Partner manager, payments partnerships: $210,700

AR glasses partnerships manager: $208,000

Client partner, financial services: $154,840 to $168,851

Client partner, disruptors: $195,000

Creative agency partner: $258,536

Client solutions manager: $146,569

Strategic partner manager, Stories: $182,421

Brand strategy manager: $192,224

Global brand insights lead, Facebook Reality Labs: $244,000

Director, brand and consumer marketing: $332,259

Director of brand strategy and management, Instagram: $270,000

Copywriter: $169,038

Product and design

A year's worth of Facebook salary data shows how much engineers, product managers, researchers, and hundreds of other positions are paid (8)

Meta; Sydney Bradley/Insider

Creative product lead: $241,180

Consumer product strategist: $178,200 to $195,000

Product management director: $310,000

Product strategy lead: $197,463

Product researcher: $171,500

UX designer: $138,000

Product designer: $105,000 to $197,000

Analog and mixed signal designer: $160,000 to $202,000

Director, product design: $280,000

Product design manager: $211,953 to $204,028

Manager, design and development: $213,640

Product design prototyper: $151,470 to $195,000

Product manager: $162,033 to $259,700

Product growth manager: $180,000

Product operations manager: $260,487

Product marketing manager, WhatsApp: $181,111

Product marketing manager, creator monetization: $164,274

Product marketing manager, new product experimentation: $140,000

Manager, product operations, Reality Labs: $250,000

Application manager: $154,173 to $220,000

Product reliability specialist: $127,000

Launches project manager, product support operations: $100,695

Technical artist: $163,350

Concept artist: $131,000

Content designer: $118,695 to $184,000

Content design manager: $149,575 to $179,340

Art director: $235,000

Associate lighting artist: $90,000

Legal, recruiting, other

Workflow manager, workflow management: $105,000

Localization program manager: $151,470

Data analyst, specialized tech recruiting: $169,957

Technical recruiter: $128,554

Lead compliance counsel: $202,000

HR business partner: $160,000

Corporate development manager: $195,000

People strategy and execution partner: $147,000

Global program lead: $158,760 to $176,400

Functional learning specialist: $116,434

Developer strategy, Oculus: $220,203

Global lead social good and emerging audiences, business education: $190,025

Developer advocate: $123,000 to $155,000

Director, internal communications: $297,000

Leadership sourcer: $122,535 to $160,819

Digital acceleration governance manager: $140,000

Academic collaborator: $111,000

Candidate channels advisor, recruiting operations: $96,000

News curator, media partnerships: $173,700

Global lead, sports production: $236,425

Taxonomist: $125,400

Integrated retail producer: $193,000

Head of people digital solutions: $230,000

Technical program manager: $199,717.69 to $150,847

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